Brand story:

“The brave warrior ARJUN’s fifth name is SAVYASANCHI”
It means a person capable of performing a particular job equally by both the hands. Similarly we try our best to enable people perform effectively and efficiently using their left and right brain equally as “Savyasanchi”…
We are an institute since 2002 working upon whole brain development strategy. We conduct various workshop, seminars and training on Memory Improvement, Midbrain Activation, Parenting, Body language, personality and soft skills improvement for students, corporate and open to all. So far we have successfully addressed 8 lac people and trained more than 85000 People from STD 6 to PhD level.

Vision & Mission:

We firmly believe that education should transform our students under our care who in turn can make a difference in our society and the world.


We believe in development of moral character, self esteem and sense of responsibility, besides endeavoring for academic and leadership qualities in a person

We are an institution imparting scientific and psychological Memory Management Programs to students, educators & professionals from standard 6th to PhD level. So far, we have successfully mastered memory of more than 65,000 people over variety techniques and subjects like recalling, speed memorizing, brain power, mind mapping, overcoming phobias, moral education, and many more. It has facilitated students by creating immense interest towards studies. It has made massive difference in work performance of professionals too.

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