Dharmesh Pithva


Dharmesh Pithva founder and director of SAVYASANCHI – The life school established savyasanchi at very young age of 16. Having great vision in mind of bringing spark change in student life collateral affecting the future of India. He says “Right Guidance at the Right Time leads to Success in life.”

Mr. Dharmesh is appreciated for the positive energy he brings to his programs. Due to his down to earth approach it is not surprising that listeners flock to him to share their learning experiences and to learn more from him.

Along with studies, with his greatest endeavor and deep research he discovered a fabulous student development technique which helps students to do smart work as More Work in Less Time with Perfect Accuracy

He turned adversity to opportunity when he converted his passion and interest into training institute. He developed unique magic of memory program for students. His constant efforts and endeavor took Savyasanchi the Life School To Its New Heights.

His teaching philosophy says “Every student is unique and has a star within them awaiting to be unleashed. A small spark at the right time is needed to make them Shine BRIGHT”

The youngest Memory guru of India and our honorable trainer is conducting the training programs for more than 20 years. He has miraculously turned the lives of more than 18 LACK students and parents by helping them overcome their constraints related to memory.

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